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Affordable Web Hosting With Free Website Setup

I’m happy to announce that we now have a huge selection of services now which can be made available through this website :   We have also integrated this service on this website to help make it visible in search engines.  We still are offering our awesome unlimited web hosting packages at a reasonable rate comparable to our old package of only $135/year.    The great thing about this is that we can offer you this at a monthly rate now unlike before.

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Our Cloud Storage Services

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KSIHost Cloud Storage Services

We have all gone a very long way from what we are used to.  Imagine if you step into a bus you can count on it that most of the people riding the bus will have a smart phone device of some sort that they are either using to play their music, surfing the web or even checking their email.  Back then you will get people appreciating life by just looking outside the window or reading the new via a newspaper.  Sometimes it scares me as to what would happen next with the Internet being the centre of our Information Industry.  The type of services you can get now on the Internet are now by the thousands.

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Example of Cloud Based Services.

  • Remote Data Storage or better known as Cloud Based Storage.
  • Editing Word, Excel & PowerPoint Editing directly off your browser uses Cloud Storage.
  • Remote Mal-ware Scanning & Removal
  • DRM – Digital Rights Management are now Cloud Based.  You can’t play games like Starcraft & Diablo3 without having to log on to the Internet first.  Which is another reason why you can no longer pirate such games.  Which is a good thing.
  • Video Based Services like Netflix.
  • News Service is now via cloud, you require cloud storage.
  • Predicting the Clouds (Weather) with the Internet Cloud.

Cloud Storage

KSIHost Cloud Storage Services

There are loads of ways that the cloud is providing us the information we need nowadays.  I guess one of the reason why I brought this topic up is that I was having a chat between two good friends who insisted that the cloud was something else, cloud services and cloud tech is on it’s way through main stream.  Get your piece of cloud services through us to help protect a bit of data that you would like protected.  Remember we are here to help

Get 100GB Storage Space Now

KSIHost Cloud Storage Services

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KSI Web Hosting Solutions

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Having your own website can be very interesting.  But how can you gain access to a website that you can call your own if the budget isn’t there or if nobody is willing to be there to teach you how to get it done.  This is one of the main reasons why our business model is very successful.

After a small incident a few hours ago, we have updated our website to reflect the current services of our web hosting package & what the immediate needs of the clients requires.  We hope you like it.  We initially were only offering this great service to close friends and family relatives and they love the fact that for only a small fee they get a service worth a lot more.  Back then Kitakits Studio Inc primary focus is in Web Hosting Services and as we found the potential of doing this service over in the Philippines.  We have since grown from that and moved our main office from the Philippines to our now local office here in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

We evolved from a web hosting solutions website to a photography service website.  Then we decided to make Kitakitshost which now serves as our dedicated Web Hosting Website.  We hope that in the near future that we can cater to hundreds of new clients.  If you have any questions about our Affordable Web Hosting Solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.