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Kitakitshost About Us

Kitakitshost.com is a division of a company named Kitakits Studio Inc.  For those who are looking for a website to be made, a web hosting or domain name, please go to http://www.ksihost.com.  So for 2018 we’ve decided to flush out the old Kitakitshost.com website and convert it into something a bit more useful which we can hopefully hone into a useful site that everyone can take advantage of .

History : Kitakits.com first started it’s journey as a portal our classmates in Cebu Institute of Technology uses to communicate with everyone.  Since it was created before Facebook was even popular.   But then we morphed it into different kinds of services such another CMS Portal which we tried to cater to the outside world which didn’t quite work very well.  We moved it to Wedding Photography which it has since has stayed and become it’s signature.

The one project that we’ve tried to launch for years was the companies own hosting company and we’ve done so in the form of Kitakitshost.com and later branched into a more official ksihost.com, where everything has become automated.  Leaving this one, this website unused, reason why this 2018, we’ve decided to revive this version of this website into a blog version with the intention to try and help create and find fixes and so on.

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